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System Operations Check

Whether you are concerned about a particular part of your heating or cooling systems, or you just want peace of mind that your systems are in tip top shape we can perform a routine maintenance check and make sure everything is as it needs to be to continue to function as it should.

Emergency Repair 24/7 Everyday of the Year

No matter when your systems decide to fail, rest assured that Pro Air will have a certified technician show up within minuets to diagnose and repair your systems failure as quickly as possible and keep you comfortable as well as alleviate the stress of having to wait hours or days to have your problem fixed.

Air Conditioning Unit Service & Repair

With our extensive knowledge on many different types of air conditioning units, we are certain that we can diagnose and fix any issues your unit may be having. We can ensure your system is running optimally by replacing old worn out parts to get your unit running like new, or install new units to replace old units that are running poorly and costing you money every month.

Heater/Furnace Maintenance & Repair

At Pro Air we not only know how to keep you cool during the summer, but we can keep you warm in the winter. Our expert technicians know the ins-and-outs of all heating systems as well as know what to look for to make sure you system is operating correctly. Improper heater operation can cause many other damages to your home. With Pro Air on the job you know your home will be safe from harm and your heat will work as it should.

Ventilation Flow Test & Repair

Our certified and professional technicians know that it is not always the heater or the air conditioning unit that causes a lack of heat or cold air. Sometimes it can be caused by a type of ventilation issue. If your units are not in question we can test the flow of air coming out of your vents to make sure the cold or warm air is making it to its desired location at the speed it should

Air Duct Integrity Check & Cleaning

At Pro Air we understand that having clean air ducts means you breathe cleaner air in your home, and who doesn't want that? Hate that burning smell you get when you first turn on your heat in the winter? We do too. That smell is caused by a build up of dirt and dust in your ducting that is getting hot when the heat is turned on. We can clean your ducting out and make sure that smell is no longer there. We will also make sure that your ducting is routed correctly and free of any leaks


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About the company

Pro Air is a family owned and operated business with our owners having over 45 years of experience in the field. At Pro Air we are dedicated to getting the job done right and getting the repair done correctly the first time. We take pride in how fast we are able to complete repairs, but that does not mean that our speed causes our quality to suffer. Quality work done quickly is what we do best! We staff our company with only experienced, certified, and licensed technicians so you have no worry about who is there to complete the task at hand. Whenever Pro Air is on the job we promise to treat your home as good as we would our own and make sure that things are done cleanly and safely. We are so confident and proud of the work we do we offer a 100% money back guarantee   

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