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Leak detection
prevention & repair

Leaky pipes are a big problem. We can not only repair any leak, but we can also run an integrity check on your systems and detect slow/small leaks that you may not know are there until they become a major issue and fix them before that happens, which ultimately saves you lots of money and stress

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pipe routing & installation

Installing plumbing is not something that just anyone should just try to do. Improper use of materials and installation techniques can lead to premature leaks, back-flowing pipes, and clogging drains. Allowing our certified technicians to make sure the job is done right ensures you will have a quality plumbing system that will stand the test of timeĀ 

Fast Response & quality service

Plumbing emergencies are not limited to a certain time or a certain day. Whenever your plumbing emergency arises, call Pete’s Plumbing and rest assured that we will have a technician sent to you to fix the issue just as quickly as it arose. Our rapid response service is available every hour of the day and every day of the year.

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About Pete's Plumbing

Pete Peterton started Pete’s Plumbing in 1956 and was bound and determined to serve every person who ever needed quality plumbing service. When Pete was a young boy one day after school he came home and noticed that one of their pipes had burst under their home. He knew immediately that his home was in danger of being flooded and ruined. He jumped right to action in attempting to repair the problem with no prior plumbing knowledge. Within just a matter of minuets Pete had fixed the leak and saved his home. Pete knew from that day forward that he was destined to be the best plumber around and was driven to share his knowledge with all who also shared his passion for plumbing so that he could build his own plumbing company to service anyone who needed a plumbing repair. Pete was able to build that business and we are proud to say we keep his spirit and the business he started going today. Like Pete we are determined to provide everyone with the same quality plumbing services he did and keep his legacy alive.

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