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System Operation Checks

Get all parts of every system checked to ensure proper operation is continuous without failure.

A/C Unit Maintenance & Repair

Get your a/c unit serviced to ensure your unit is running at its optimum performance, as well as have broken or worn parts and units replaced.

Heater/Furnace Maintenance & Repair

Have your heating system checked for proper operation, and make sure it is safe to run in your home so fires don’t start and toxic fumes don’t seep through your vents.

Ventilation Flow Checks

Have your ventilation system  inspected for leaks and damage to ensure proper airflow is being evenly distributed throughout your entire home. 

Air Duct Cleaning

Breath easier with our air duct cleaning service. We will remove built up dust that causes foul odors and asthma. A large build up of dust and dirt also causes a fire concern when your heat is turned on.

24/7 Emergency Response

Not all problems happen when it is a convenient time to have them repaired. Get your heating or cooling concern fixed quickly any time of day and any day of the year.

About our company

All Seasons Air was established in 1973 by Rick Rickson. His story begins when he was 15.  He had come home from school to a house that had no air conditioning, and a mother who was frantically calling one A/C company after another. No company would agree to come out the same day.  After having multiple people come out and look at their air conditioning system they had nothing but multiple different answers as to which type of repair was needed, and multiple quotes for thousands of dollars in cost. After having no air conditioning for a week his mother finally had to pay a large sum of money to have many parts replaced, some of which were most likely perfectly functioning parts. After that experience Rick knew he wanted to be able to help others avoid the same situation he and his family had to endure. He began to study every bit of information he could possibly find on air conditioning and heating systems. He eventually got a job as an air conditioning technician to further his knowledge. After a few years in the industry he was confident that he knew enough to start his own business. That was when All Seasons Air was Founded. Rick knew that having heat or air conditioning during the cold and hot months was a comfort that nobody should have to live without. He was determined to provide anyone who needed help with their heat or A/C systems not only as affordable as possible, but as quickly as possible as well. This is why All Seasons Air provides its rapid emergency response any time of day or night on any day of the year at the most fair pricing available in the industry.

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What Our Customers Say


How often should i service my A/c system?

Your system is comprised of many different components.To keep them all operating at their best your system should be checked twice a year. Have your cooling system checked before it gets hot outside and have your heating system checked before it gets cold outside. Doing it this way helps ensure that your system will have no trouble keeping up with the demand before it gets used consistently.

How do i know when its time to replace my unit?

This depends on a couple of variables. Firstly if your unit is older than 12 years it may be time to start considering replacement. Also, if your unit is constantly requiring repair, or just isn’t working as efficiently as it should, it may be more cost effective to have it replaced rather than repair a bunch of times.

Will the repairs i need come with a warrnty?

At All Seasons Air the answer is yes. We warranty all the repairs we do, and all the units we install. We offer a 3 month warranty on any part we replace. This means if we replace a part and that same part fails inside of that 3 month window, we will come back and replace it for free. We also offer an 11 year warranty on all units we install. 

Should i have my air ducts cleaned?

The answer to this question is an absolute yes! Having your ducts cleaned if beneficial for many reasons. It will help keep the air in your home cleaner, it will help decrees odors like the smell of burning dust/dirt when the heater is turned on, help support proper airflow and ventilation, and lower your risk of a fire starting when the heater is running for long periods of time in the colder months.

which type of units are best for my home?

Where you live and the type of climate you have on average will play a part, but to truly get the best response to this question we recommend you set an appointment to have one of our technicians come out to your home and evaluate the size of your home and the heating/cooling demands your home will require.

can i recharge my own unit ?

This is a big no! Not only does it require a license to be able to purchase most types of freon associated with air conditioning machines, but it is a job best left to a certified technician who understands the system they are working on. Not only can you damage your system further, you can harm yourself as well. Leave it to the professionals and give us a call.

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