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Clogged Drain Repair

Have a drain that doesn’t really drain so well? We can unclog, repair, or replace any drain that is not functioning the way it should. Even if your drain is not clogged but just wont drain fast enough, we can remove the existing one and replace it with a new higher flowing drain to make sure your water never backs up.

Leaky Pipe Repair

Having a leaking pipe is a big concern. It  can lead to flooding or water saturation which causes nasty mold to form. Most pipe leaks are in need of quick emergency repair and with our 24/7 rapid response times we’ve got you covered

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Plumbing/Pipe Intallation

If you need to have plumbing installed, or your plumbing is not setup correctly for optimum performance worry not. At Plugged Pipes Plumbing our certified technicians can have any and all plumbing pipes installed with the highest quality and with no fear of leaks. Our installs are meant to stand the test of time.

Ready To Go Rapid Response

We know that plumbing problems don’t always arise when its a convenient time to have the problem resolved. With our 24/7 rapid response you can rest assured that we are able to send a qualified technician to you within minuets any time, day or night. Even on the weekends.

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Plugged Pipes Plumbing is a company that understands that our customers are real people who need real results. Sometimes at a moments notice. We offer fair and reasonable repair costs that are well below traditional big name plumbing company prices because we believe that nobody should have to pay an arm and a leg to have their plumbing fixed. We pride ourselves on our ability to send top notch certified plumbers out to location within minuets. Even If the repair is not an emergency and is just a routinely scheduled repair, we promise to never be late or we will take 50% off of the cost of the visit. We gladly stand behind the work that we do and honor our commitment to providing our customers with the correct repair the first time. If your issue is not repaired correct the first time, we will come and fix that job again at no extra cost to you. We also offer free estimates and free second opinions on top of our 100% satisfaction guarantee which means you don’t pay a cent until the job is completed and you are happy.

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