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Our Specialized Services

Leak Detection & Repair

Have a leak repaired whether you can see where it is coming from or not. We will find it and fix it right.

Septic Tank Maintenance

Make sure your septic tank continues to operate properly by having us inspect and maintain your system.

Toilet & Drain Unclogging

Whether it be a toilet that won't flush or a drain that won't drain get any pesky or bothersome clog flowing again.

Water Flow Testing

If you're experiencing low water flow we can assess what the cause is and fix it to get your water pressure back to normal

Water Heater Repair

Have your water heater maintained, repaired or replaced with a new one to ensure you always have hot water when you want.

Pipe Routing & Installation

Having pipes installed should always be done by a qualified professional, so let us do it for you and have it done right.

About Our Company

Powerhouse Plumbing was founded 1967 when Dave Davidson started his dream of becoming one of the most successful plumbing companies around. He knew it would take hard work and determination. Dave understood that having quality plumbing was a necessity nobody should go without. He also knew that not every plumber was created equal and that some companies would charge way to much money for a non-quality repair. Dave vowed to offer the most fair pricing in the market as well as provide a quality, time-lasting repair. Every employee at Powerhouse Plumbing believes in the same motto that Dave did so you can rest assured that no matter which of our technicians we send out on the job, you will receive the most quality repair possible the first time around.  At Powerhouse Plumbing we believe that your satisfaction should come before the almighty dollar which is why all of our repairs are backed by a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with your repair we will refund you the amount you paid for that repair, as well as let you keep the parts we replaced. We also warranty the parts we replace so that should a repair be made with a faulty part from the manufacture, we will replace it again with another component free of charge. All of this is part of the Powerhouse Promise we intend to offer to anyone in need of plumbing help.


Most Frequent Questions About Plumbing

This seems to be one of the most commonly asked questions. If a company gives you a quote over the phone it probably won’t hold much water. Giving a quote without actually looking at and diagnosing the issue correctly will most likely result in you paying more than you were originally quoted so it’s al;ways best to have an experienced technician come and look at your issue for the most accurate pricing information.

Initially it may seem like your plumbing repair may be an easy fix which should not cost as much as you think it should. The reason most repairs will tend to cost more thna anticipated is because having a quality repair performed by a certified professional costs a fair bit of money. If you have a cut rate plumber perform cut rate repairs it will end up costing you more in the long run. An inexperienced plumber will charge you pennies on the dollar and more than likely make your situation worse by not performing the correct repair or performing the repair incorrectly which causes bigger problems which require additional repairs that cost you more money. Always have a qualified proffesional perform your repairs and understand that you get what you pay for.

Anything that can be done to grow the amount of bacteria in your septic tank should be done. The bacteria in your septic tank is what helps it function the way it should. Contactact us to find out more about how this can be done or how we can help you do so.

Low water pressure or, low water volume, can be a result of a few different variables. The amount of water volume being delivered to your home via the water delivery from the streets plumbing systems could be low, as well as the possibility that your pluming pipes are clogged which could restrict your water flow. 

The reason you run out of hot water could either be related to the performance of your current water heater or the size of your current water heater. The best thing to do if you find yourself running out of hot water too quickly is to have your hot water heater inspected for performance failures, as well as have your hot water demands accessed to see if you may need a larger volume water heater that is capable of heating and holding the amount of hot water your home needs.

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